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Powder coatings
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Zandleven Ganzlin powder coatings with AMISTec technology

The number of infections caused by microorganisms, especially in hospitals, has increased dramatically. Conventional disinfectants only have a brief effect and after just a few minutes there is no longer any protection against repopulation by bacteria. In combination with AMISTec technology, Ganzlin Powder coatings offer proven protection against:
  • bacteria
The new medical laboratory at Ganzlin offers modern, high quality technical equipment which includes the development of the product and the quality control. It is also possible to run a direct contact test to give each batch a certification.

This product can be used in hospitals, nursing and care homes and on medical equipment. In the industry: machinery and equipment, food technology and packaging material. And in public places like public transportion, waiting rooms, ticket machines and sanitary surfaces.

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